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All three community safety groups joining forces to fight this crime

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 For the first time, all three community safety groups in Panama are combining to fight one crime. The recent robbery in San Carlos has infuriated expats and Panamanians alike - and they are banding together to catch these criminals and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. 

Mark Heyer - Executive Director with Alto Al Crimen (AAC) in Boquete, T Rob Brown, Founder of Neighbours Helping Neighbours (NHN) and Jim Rizik, head of the Nueva Gorgona's Vecinos Vigilantes (Nieghbourhood Watch) will attend the upcoming community support meeting being held Thursday June 6th from 5 PM - 6 PM at Rancho los Toro, 3 km north off the highway in San Carlos - two side-roads west of Carlitos Restaurant, drive past Finca De La Maya.

"We need to strike back quickly, and strike back hard" said Brown. The three directors will outline the group's combined plan to fight these attacks, identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

"Violent attacks against foreigners have been increasing dramatically over the past few months, and this has to stop now. We are concerned not only for our personal safety, but for the security of our property values, investments and business's in Panama. If this becomes an internet sensation - tourism will be seriously damaged. It takes years for a country to build up a good reputation as a safe and welcoming place to retire and invest - yet just nano-seconds to be destroyed on the internet" warned Brown.

The investigation started immediately after the attacks. Evidence is being gathered, witnesses and victims interviewed, and forensic services booked to ensure a solid conviction once all of the perpetrators have been identified. We will do whatever we have to do to help the DIJ and Attorney General's office find and convict these vicious criminals. 

All interested parties are invited to the meeting on June 6th. 5 PM - 6 PM. Security will be extensive. Channel 13 TV News has confirmed they will attend, as will a number of local news media and website reporters.  

This is not a San Carlos problem - this is OUR problem. It is just as easy for this gang of brutal thugs to drive to your house as it is for you to drive to Carlitos, Momma Mia's, or El Palmar" said Brown.

No-one is immune to their violence - Buenaventura has been robbed, Rio Hato, Playa Blanca, The Decameron, Rio Mar and even the parking lot of Los Camisonies while they were open.

Private houses in Coronado and San Carlos have been robbed in broad daylight, with a number of guests inside the house at the time.

Sadly, seven of the fourteen guests that were robbed at Rancho Los Toro a few months ago have left Panama for good.

We must not let a few really rotten eggs spoil what is otherwise a safe and welcoming country.


Last Updated on Saturday, 01 June 2013 19:15  
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