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Can I give my renter's the NHN HELPLINE number?

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 Can I give my NHN number to guests?

Dear Rob,

Hey, we're here at the condo, and it's nice to be back. I'm sure you'll remember we're some of the newest members of NHN.

We have something that we'd like to ask you. 

I think this would be very beneficial to both us and the promotions of NHN as well:

We are in Panama about 8 or 9 weeks out of the year at this point; let's call it 10 even. We do offer our condo for rental and we end up renting the condo for about 15 to 17 weeks out of the rest of the year total. I'd like to get your permission to give our guests the name and phone number for NHN (we have a cell phone that we leave for them to use) so they could use the membership in case they had any problems and needed some help. It's not uncommon for us to rent the condo to someone who is interested in buying in Panama and are making the trip to become more familiar with the country and to look around for where they might want to buy, etc.

I could give the guests our membership number and unit number as a way to identify themselves to you in the event that they actually had to use your service.

Offering your number and information to our guests will do very well I think to make them feel more comfortable about a country that their likely not very good at with the language.

This would help a lot I think in promoting your organisation and if/when they did retire here then they would be much more likely to join NHN.

As you know we have already joined (and gave you another $120 as a donation) and so we're not making this a condition of joining. I'm quite confident that you'll see the advantages to your organisation and our rental (will make us look very good to prospective guests) and so would be beneficial to us all.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

T + K

Yes - absolutely. Your membership is for everyone in your residence - spouse, friends staying with you, renters, your maid, gardener - give it to all of them. Carry it in your cars as well.

If you have two houses - with two different sets of directions - you would need a second membership - otherwise the ambulance or police could be sent to the wrong address - but for everyone in your unit - NHN is there for you.

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