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Travelers Medical/Survival Kit

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- Bottled water and water purification pills

- Hat that breathes, but covers back of your neck and ears

- Sunscreen – SPF 35 – 50, preferably time released, must be waterproof

- Insect repellent – 25 % DEET or higher (must have DEET)

- Polarized sunglasses, strap is helpful

- Button-up (not pull over) shirts with cotton undershirts

- Shoes – not sandals (insects), with arch supports, quick drying are best

- Cotton socks

- Talcum powder

- Reading glasses/magnifier

- Cell phone with car charger

- GPS unit with area maps

- Compass

- Energy bar

- Flashlight, extra batteries or wind up type

- Waterproof matches

- Metal mirror for signaling/fire starting

- Tire repair kit (make sure your vehicle has an inflated spare and a jack with a handle)

- extra toilet paper, Kleenex pack

- Put your doctors name and telephone number in your wallet (waterproofed)

- Wear your Medic-Alert bracelet

- Bring extra prescription medications

- Bandages, medical tape and first ad kit including the following:



NOTE: Get your booster shots BEFORE leaving home. Some vaccinations require 4 - 6 weeks incubation time.

  • - Hepatitis A + B shots
  • - Malaria shots if needed - check malaria maps
  • - Aspirin
  • - Aloe Vera for burns
  • - Bactine or After Bite for bites/burns
  • - Permethrin – spray clothes to prevent ticks, chiggers, sand fleas, bed bugs, etc
  • - Benadryl or Clairton for allergies/bites
  • - Mexsana for sweaty feet
  • - Neosporin or Ploysporin for cuts (topical antibiotic)
  • - Hydrocortisone cream for anti-inflammatory
  • - Calamine lotion
  • - Imodium
  • - Pepto Bismol


(Not a complete list by any means – just what I have needed on my travels so far)

Last Updated on Friday, 03 July 2009 22:42  

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