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Most violent countries in the world.

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This article was published in Southern Pulse newsletter. Roberto


Guatemala is one of the least peaceful nations in the world, ranking 112 out of 149 in the Global Peace Index, published by the Institute for Economics and Peace. Nicaragua ranked 64, but was not as peaceful as Costa Rica, which ranked 26.

The only Latin American nations that top Guatemala in violence are Haiti, Venezuela, Honduras, and Colombia. (June 2010)

The following list is from the Global Peace Index:



 Latin American Countires
Uruguay 24 
Costa Rica 26 
Chile 28 
Panama 61 
Nicaragua 64 
Argentina 71 
Cuba 72 
Paraguay 78 
Bolivia 81 
Brazil 83 
Peru 89  
Guyana 91 
Dominican Republic 93 
Trinidad and Tobago 94 
Jamaica 98 
Ecuador 101 
El Salvador 103 
Mexico 107 
Guatemala 112 
Haiti 114 
Venezuela 122 
Honduras 125 
Colombia 138

Summary of Latin American rankings:


Latin America: Uruguay is ranked highest in 24th 
place, overtaking Chile and moving up one 
position from last year, although its score 
changed only slightly. Rises in some of Chile’s 
measures of militarisation contributed to 
a worsening of its score, as did a rise in its 
homicide rate. Costa Rica’s high ranking in 
the GPI (it rose 3 places in 2010 to 26th) 
partly refl ects very low scores for almost all 
its measures of militarisation, in step with 
the abolition of the country’s army at the 
end of the civil war in 1948. Costa Rica’s 
relations with neighbouring countries are 
adjudged to have improved last year and 
violent crime was perceived to have fallen 
to a relatively low level (Cuba continues to 
receive the lowest score in Latin America for 
this indicator). The Dominican Republic’s 
overall tally fell sharply, with growing 
political instability, a heightened likelihood 
of violent demonstrations and a worsening 
human rights situation. Honduras’ score also 
dropped considerably and it fell eight places 
to 125th position. Several measures of the 
Central American nation’s societal safety 
and security registered increases amid rising 
tensions triggered by a military coup in June 
that ousted the president, Manuel Zelaya. 
Colombia remains the lowest-ranked country

The top 10 most peaceful countries in the world were:


New Zealand 1

Iceland 2

Japan 3

Austrailia 4

Norway 5

Ireland 6

Denmark 7

Luxembourg 8

Finland 9

Sweden 10

Interesting comparisons:

Canada  14

Spain  25

Netherlands  27

Chile  28

UK was 31

USA  85

Mexico  107

Russia  143

Iraq  149








Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 June 2010 17:01  
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