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Copper ion water purification system; intial results

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My goal is a chemical-free pool. I was more than a little shocked (excuse the pun) to read in the instructions that in order to start the copper ion system, I needed to "shock" the pool - IE: add chlorine. What part of "chemical-free" did they not understand?

According to my research, copper ionization prevents algae from starting to grow in your pool  - it does not kill existing algae, so you need to shock it first.

The pool water needs to be neutrally ph balanced and algae-free to start with.

The literature promised the chlorine would completely dissipate within a few days, so I decided to go along with it.

Here's what I have discovered so far:



 Before copper ions

After copper ions

There are un-retouched photos - the blue two-part epoxy paint reflected the flash from the camera strangely.

So far, the copper ion system has kept the water crystal clear, including one day of six women drinking in the pool all day, and last Sunday with three kids playing in the pool all day (four kids, if you count me).

The most telling indication of water quality occurred while I was teaching the kids to swim underwater. They have all just recently learned to swim, and they were afraid to open their eyes underwater. I encouraged them to try. They had no difficulty opening their eyes in this water. It did not burn or hurt their eyes like a chlorine pool would, and being able to see underwater took away a lot of the fear.

A friend's teenage daughter and her girlfriend came to swim in our pool again last week, despite the fact that her parents have just finished their own pool just up the street - she says they prefer the chemical-free water in our pool.

The big test will come Sunday July 25th when we have our big Pool Party Celebration - over 50 guests are coming for an all-day pool party - that will be the true test. I will report back after the party.

I have installed a Thunder ozone generator as well as the copper ionizer, together with a mixing unit to take care of body oils, shampoo, suntan lotions etc.

Installation took seven minutes, and required minimal tools. Our pool contractor stated that these were the best instructions he had ever read for any product.

For more photos of our new pool, go to Photo Gallery, click on New Pool.


Last Updated on Thursday, 08 July 2010 16:06  
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