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Installing a copper ion system

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 Installing a copper ion and ozone system is easy. Here's how it is done.



Step One: Open the boxes and check that everything is there.

Step Two: Read the instructions thouroughly. They are very well written, and easy to follow.

Step Three: Get your tools organized: PVC glue, hacksaw, pliers and plumbers tape.

Step Four: Cut the filter outlet pipe (leading AWAY from the filter), going to your pool.

Step Five: Glue the check valve (clear plastic unit) and the copper ion tube into the outlet pipe. (the copper ion tube is the horizontal pipe lower down)

That's it - you're done. Run the filter, and the water will flow past/through the copper ion tube and ions will flow into your pool. 

It is best to start with a clean slate, so to speak. Start by shocking your pool. Make sure your pH is nuetral. Then add the copper ions to kick-start your system and run your filter for a day. Back-wash the filter after one full day.

Adjust the ion system up or down once you have tested the water (after a few days). 

Test your pH balance weekly and use the test strips to make sure the copper ions are correct - add or subtract copper ions by turning your system up or down. Rainfall can effect your pH and copper balance, so test after a heavy rain.

Vacum once or twice a week, and back-wash after vacuming.

Clean/empty your fllter and skimmer baskets. 

Open your eyes under water - feel how pleasant it can be to see clearly underwater. Kids will learn to swim underwater faster when they can open their eyes.

Enjoy your chemical-free pool - your plants, your pets and your family will thank you for it!


PS: I am testing an ion "egg" next month in another pool - stay tuned. Installation of an egg system is even easier - you just drop it in the water!

The other ion system that was installed a month ago in Gorgona (from a different company than the one I am testing here) is having some difficulties. It may be that the local maintenance man does not know how to adjust the system in these heavy rain times. I have offered to go over to check on the system this week and will report back. RC

My report on the Gorgona copper ion pool;

Dear John,


My brother Dan and I went over ad checked your pool yesterday. We were all prepared - we bought shock, super clarifier, pH up, and pH down chemicals - ready to fix whatever was wrong.
The gate guy (young/teenager) did not have a key for the filter gate - so I had to inspect from outside. The ionizer had two green lights and digital number 99 - I don't know your system - I assume that means all systems operating and it is turned up to maximum?
What were people complaining about? There is nothing wrong with the water in your pool - it is clear (could use a vacuum, but not bad at all), it did not smell or taste like chlorine, and there was no algae.
I'd say it is working great, despite all the rain we have been having. (it has been very heavy, and all day long). There was no need to add anything.
 I did not have test strips with me. I will check again at the end of next week. I did notice you have the system on a timer which is great - it was running at 5 P.M. when I was there - as we know, algae blooms go dormant at night, so  to kill the cells the system needs to run in sunlight. 


Last Updated on Saturday, 17 July 2010 13:19  
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