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Finding work in Panama

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 Here are two e-mails about finding work in Panama. I have asked Yassar (Alex) Williams Arosemena to answer them. Roberto

 1) Hola Roberto.....My husband & I are from Edmonton, and looking to join our Canadian Expats in Panama....We are still fairly young (46) and would still like to work. My husband is an auto mechanic and BMW salesman, and I am a Realtor. Will it be difficult for us to find work as Canadian citizens ?? Any advice you may have would be greatly appreciated.


I have very much enjoyed your humorous stories in The Retirement Detectives.  I hope you don’t mind me contacting you directly.My wife and I are planning to move to Panama in the near future. I will be utilizing the pentionado program but I don’t intend to truly retire. I am an internationally certified Facilities Manager and plan to start a business helping other expatriates maintain and upgrade their homes and businesses. My wife is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner which in the US is a step between a nurse and a doctor. She manages her own family practice clinic treating as many as 20 patients a day. We have not been able to find much information on non-Panamanians working in the medical field. She would be happy to work just as a nurse if necessary. I do know from research and your web site that Panama uses US trained medical personnel, we just can’t find if an American could work in the field. Perhaps you know someone we can contact for information concerning this.

Any direction you can point us for information would be very valuable to us.


Thank you in advance for your time.








 Here is my response:

Dear Teri,

Below is the response from my lawyer regarding a nurse wanting to work here - being a Realtor is the same - you must be licensed and you must be a Panamanian citizen - However, I am considering investing in a Panamanian Real Estate company - and if you invest - you can help manage the business - let me know when you are arriving - and we will talk. 

Your husband will have no problem working as a mechanic. However - especially if he opens his own garage/business and employes three people, there are tax benefits. Roberto
     PS: Read my article about being a Real Estate agent in Panama - I provide the entire Realtor license requirements in English.
     Here is Yassar's response:

There is a minor problem. If his wife (Nick´s) wants to practice as a nurse
and apply injections, etc., she would have to be qualified in Panama to do

I would have to check about nurses, but with Doctors you have to go through 2
years of internship in Panama before being able to practice here, plus they
have to obtain the Panamanian Nationality first (some fields require the
person to be a Panamanian Citizen, like lawyers)

So this means that practicing certain professions in Panama as a foreigner
is very difficult.
Now, if what she plans to do is set up a business and hire nurses to do the
work while she handles the PR and oversees everything, then we are talking
about sense.



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