Flying from Calgary or Edmonton to Panama

Written by T. Rob Brown (aka Roberto Chocolate) Saturday, 15 May 2010 17:26

Here is another response that just came in from Regina. R.C.

Flights from Regina, SK - Denver, CO - PTY are running around $1000 CAN return taxes in.  Not cheap.

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you meant I think in your post below
that said... does West Jet fly to Panama City ever?  I was hoping it does but haven't seen a flight.
We will be flying there late this Dec or early Jan if not sooner.  We tend to fly out of Calgary or Edmonton.  Seems it is expensive no matter what.  We would prefer to fly direct to Mexico City and then direct to Panama City and avoid the USA if possible just because it take so long with all their customs.  I know we can fly via Houston but is there ever direct flights that you know of from the West or Toronto?
I do know that Air Transat flies direct from Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton to PTY as part of the all-inclusive Playa Blanca or Royal Decameron packages. You can get flight-only from them as well.
West Jet does fly to Panama, usually through Miami. At some point, late in the season they take over the Air Transat routes as well. Not sure if they service Calgary/Edmonton to Panama. Does anybody know?
Anybody have an easer/cheaper way to get from Western Canada to Panama (preferably NOT through the US)?



As part of the free trade agreement that was recently negotiated between Canada and Panama, direct flights from these two countries should start soon. ( HOW SOON ? no one knows. Just stay tuned ) Justine
Another Word: (Thanks June)

Roberto ....Enjoying your emails.

Info you may wish to share with your readers  RE: Canda and West Coast air fares;

I returned last night  to Vancouver from Panama via Toronto becasue:

- Sunwing and Nolitours are only ones flying direct to Panama from Canada currently -  they plan to fly all 2010  -  eg  through the summer  - as well as long as Canucks keep booking.   (Please keep booking)

- from Toronto fare was $95. CDN return on a sell-off  plus taxes of $ 250. approx  -  usually  $ 250 - $600  plus taxes -  cheapest I have seen -  I flew 4 years ago for $99. return and thought that was the greatest.  It is worth it to fly Vancouver to Toronto and then south - just coordinate the sales and the sell-off fares.

- Nolitours was flying from Vancouver and Edmonton & Calgary for a few weeks over this past winter season-then they stopped.  Hopefully they will start again in the fall.

-  Nolitours uses Westjet and AirTransat for their planes -

- Sunwing has their own planes but does not yet fly from the west coast to Panama

-  CURRENTLY-  (May 2010)  Direct flgihts from Canada  to Panama  are  with Nolitours and Sunwing  from Toronto Ontario and Quebec

- In Season-  Nov to April   Nlitours flies -  Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Quebec & Sunwing flies  Toronto and Quebec

-  Copa AIr  from Panama - is in current negotiations to fly direct to Toronto  from Panama (an agreement was signed in June)

- ( May 2010 )  NO direct fligths from the West Coast  - ONLY  the Nolitours charters  mentioned above over the winter season-  this 2009 & 2010  season was the first year. 

- next best air to Panama from Vancouver & area is Mexicana- they make one stop in Mexico City then on to Panama  ( cheapest I have found this year is $800 including taxes) Layovers and wait times can range from 1 to 12 hours. 

- then -  multiple airlines  that all must stop in their Hub CIties -  Houston,  etc   all USA air carriers  that must stop in the USA  eg  AA, Delta, Alaska  and then connect  on to Panama


The biggest news -  I bought a house this time down.  Found a great place for us, not far from you.  We take possession in a couple weeks and are very excited.  You have to come visit.





EDITOR'S NOTE: For Western Canadians - check into cheap flights departing from Northern US border cities. In Ontario, consider flying out of Bufallo, NY. Roberto

A source of Cheap Fares from Ontario (Thanks RC)

Hi Rob  hope the eye watching the master pool construction is going well for you. This is a site that I use free to subscribe to get the best fares to ie Panama . I simply ask for the best updates from both Buffalo and Toronto and they send them to me ( again free of charge ) about 3 times per week. Hope this helps your readers.   from Hamilton Ontario


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