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Home Panama First Impressions Do I know a good contractor in Panama?

Do I know a good contractor in Panama?

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 This is a response to a request for a contaractors name. June has bought a house in Coronado. This company does not know I am referring them, nor do I get paid or compensated in any way for reccomending anyone. I onloy refer people when I know their work to be excellent - preferably first hand. Roberto Dear June,

Welcome to Panama, neighbor!
It so happens I do know a good contractor - it has taken some trial and error. Steve Japp of Paradise Construction, office in Coronado
next to HIM Hardware. He was the winning bid out of four companies to bid on building my very complex swimming
pool/bohio/waterfall/cave/stone patio/ bar and decks. 
He is an American, Joy, his Colombian wife and his son Curtis also works with him. They have a very skilled Panamanian crew.
He had a good (not the cheapest) price, the best references, and the best work quality that I inspected, he was
also the best (and only) contractor willing to guarantee their work.
The build entire houses, do large commercial jobs and specialize in pools.

I am disappointed with the architect I used - his plans were not correct. A friend also used him and the electrical plan was wrong, so I
won't refer him.

We designed our own pool, and then had plans drawn for us - which is a really good thing - there very few changes and we got exactly
what we wanted. We used an computer software program. 

One thing I will strongly suggest - go with a copper ion water purification - it is completely chemical free. While the technology has
been around for 30 years, ever since NASA invented it for space, the costs were prohibitive. 
I have found a system that is $1,300 including installation. I am installing one in mine - It pays for itself in 1-2 years with NO chlorine or
Bromide - just pure, clean water - it won't damage plants, turn your hair green, and won;t cause cancer or kill your dogs or the birds
when they drink from your pool water. 

If I can help in any way, let me know. Roberto

PS: Oh yes - and the most important thing - you MUST be here every day when they build - that is the number one mistake I and others
have made, and we are now all paying the price by having to re-do the work, or pay again to have work done that was never done (I
actually saw fake photos ta contractor had sent to clients in Canada for work they said they did which they did not - in order to get paid
and then disappeard) 
I am having to spent a lot of money replacing inferior materials that were used. I am replacing the swimming pool now, because the
contrator the previous owners used (Not Steve) cheated and only used one row of cement blocks - and it collapsed. If you can't be
here - hire someone to be here for you. 
Welcome To Panama June!


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