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Solving pool water problems in Panama

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 This request came in on the website. Roberto

Dear Roberto,

 Own a home in Buenaventura and have had continual problems with the pool water there. There are large deposits of minerals in the water peculiar  to the area three that reacts with chlorine. It is a struggle. Can you let me know who you used for the copper ion purification and can the existing filter/pump etc that I have be used ?

The response from the manufacturer: 


It depends on what the minerals are, if there is too much copper in the pool you can drain some water and re-fill it. If the minerals are from the source of the water then you can use a de-mineralizer. This WILL remove the minerals from the ionizer as well however so you will have to either add copper ions or wait for the ionizer to build the copper level back up for the ionizer to be effective.
Hope this helps,


Roberto Chocolaté's response:

I am importing my system from the USA.  The shipper promised it will be here manana (we all know what that means - they promised it would be here last Monday, and the Wednesday before that as well - so we'll see).

I am decidedly not happy with the shipping company (a big mail-forwarding company many of us use with offices in Coronado and Panama City).

I am being charged twice as much as I should be for taxes and import duties. They are adding their tax on my tax - literally double what the government charges, plus their shipping fees. I am switching companies, and once I finally get my ionizers, I will be canceling my account and I will write another article on how not to get screwed bringing packages into Panama - but that is another story.

After a lot of research, I have chosen a copper/silver/zinc ionization system coupled with an ozone generator system from Pure Pools. All other copper ion systems required you add a gallon of chlorine to your pool every week.

What part of chemical-free did they not understand?

I just swam in a copper ion pool that required Clorox bleach be added. It smelled like every other swimming pool I have ever smelled and burned my eyes. To me, if you have to add chlorine, why waste your money on a copper ion system? Pure Pools was the ONLY system that does not require chlorine, bromide or any other chemical additives. They claim.

Their claim is that NASA invented this technology forty years ago to recycle astronaut waste into drinking water, and that their pool water, once it passes throughout the copper ion system, is as pure as bottled water  - without using chemicals.

I will be installing the system in my new pool (due to start filling this weekend) and testing the system for a month.

If after a month it does what they say it will do, I will be setting up a Pure Pools Panama distributorship out of my house here in Santa Clara. This will give me time to train installers. I hope to offer three months free pool maintenance so that I know they systems are set up correctly, the water is being tested properly and everything is working satisfactorily before turning it over to a new owner.

Maintenance should be very straight-forward. Again, we shall see if all of their claims are true. I will test it first.

I would not be comfortable offering anything unless I had tried it, and knew that it worked first hand.

If it works (and I really hope it does) it will be the first truly chemical-free pool in Panama - and best of all, it costs less than the pool chemicals and pool maintenance services that I was paying each year with my old chlorine pool.
Yes, the same filters, pumps - everything - can be used. In fact, by eliminating the harsh chemicals, your pool equipment will last longer.
In addition you will run your pool pumps leas than half the time you normally would with a chlorine  pool, so your pumps will last longer and you will save on electricity as well.

For me the final issue was my two dogs and my plants all around the pool. My dogs and man, many birds drink out of my pool everyday. (Even iguanas help themselves, and leave a little present on my deck as a thank you).
Chlorine causes cancer in animals as well as humans. It is also very hard on plants, so in the end, saving my dogs won out as my main reason to go with copper ion and ozone - it was not the money savings or even to protect my own health. Strange, isn't it?
Stay tuned - I will let you know how it goes.
Check the photo gallery on this site next week for photographs of our new dream pool - it is a lagoon-style 33,000 gallon pool with a waterfall and underwater cave, swim-up rock table and stools, a grass-roofed rancho, mist spraying units and tiki torches - but what really makes this pool special is that my wife has painted an underwater mural. and it is gorgeous.
If you would like to see the pool and test the water, send me an e-mail with your phone number and we will set something up.
Stay healthy my friends. Roberto


Last Updated on Friday, 11 June 2010 22:25  

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