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Your dog food is killing your dog

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For dog lovers everywhere. Copy this to your browser (the address bar at the top of your screen)

 Who tore open the cement bag?

J. Edgar Hoover

"Get a dog, and lock your doors" was the advice the head of police gave residents in Boquete, Chiriqui Province when they complained of increased break-ins and theft at a public meeting. It makes a lot of sense to get a dog in Panama, but keeping your dog healthy is harder than you think.

If your dog food has meat or meat bi-products, chances are you are killing your dog.

Getting a dog is an excellent security measure. Panamanians are afraid of dogs, especially dark-haired or black dogs.

Dogs are the best home/property security - but teach them only English commands. That way they will not understand foreign-language commands.

If they sleep indoors at night, put small window alarms on interior doors and windows - dogs can not hear as well when the air conditioners are running.


Dogs also make great companions, as Jimmy Steward so eloquently spoke about in the video above.

We had to put our seventeen-year old Black lab Berkley down this year - and we both miss her very much. She could stop an entire pack of beach dogs with

one look - they would come to a screeching halt, bow their heads and walk away without so much as a growl from her.

She trained our new 'puppy' (now a seventy-five pound, seven month old Black Lab/Rottwieler cross named J. Edgar Hoover (photo above) so named for his

curiosity and eating habits).


Yolanda kept Berkley healthy for all those years by not feeding her canned dog food or anything with meat, or meat bi-products. We lost our other dog, Lucky

to stomach cancer caused by poison dog food from China a few years ago, and started really researching dog food. What we found was horrific.


The reporter I read had visited a number of meat rendering plants in Canada. He saw them process rotten meat from grocery stores with the styrofoam and

plastic still on, and animals in garbage bags that have been put down by vetrinarians - some still with flea collars on. 

The plant manager assured the reporter it was safe - they boil the meat at a high temperature to get rid of the poison used to kill the animals. The reporter

looked into it and found out they plant would have to boil the meat at twice the temperature for twice the time to neutralize the poison.


The Bottom Line: If the dog food we are feeding our dogs has meat - chances are we are feeding them the same poison used to kill them.

The reporter also discovered that in their entire training, vets only take one, one-hour class on pet food/nutrition - sponsored and run by the Pet Food

Association. There are virtually no government inspections or laws governing dog food. They are a self-governing body, and it's a big business.


Our solution? Buy vegetarian dog kibble, and cook up the cheapest gizzards, liver and meats you can buy - freeze in sandwich-sized zip-locks, one pouch

per pooch - when needed, nuke it and mix it with the kibble. It is cheaper - and a damn site safer than feeding them poisoned dog food. 

After all, they are our best friends. They deserve it, don't they?  Roberto

  Lucky-Lucky, our second Goldendoodle, now two years old - very sweet, but not very fiece looking!

PS: We had both Lucky and Berkley cremated to make sure they didn't end up as dog food. They are here with us in Panama.

Last Updated on Friday, 16 July 2010 21:35  
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