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Can I start a business in Panama?

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This e-mail just came in. I suggest clicking on the section you are interested in - in this case Panama - and check what articles are already written on the topic. Roberto

Hi Roberto,

Are the prices you mention in your articles in US$ or CAD?  I am Canadian (live in Victoria, BC).  My husband and I are seriously considering moving to Panama in the next couple of years, but would like to start looking at property to buy starting in September.  We hope to visit Panama hopefully last week of September.  Also, how easy is it to do business as expat in Panama?  For e.g. can I open a retail store, or an ice-cream stall as an expat?  Thanks.




My response:

Panama uses the US Dollar as its offical paper currency. They do mint their own coins, called Balboas, but not folding money.

There are a number of articles on doing business in Panama, starting a business in Panama - and one - "Panama's Next Millionaires", where I sugest good ideas for starting a business in Panama - check the site - it has lots of information for you.

Starting a business is the ONLY way you can work in Panama, generally - you are permitted to manage your business. Roberto

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