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Questions about living in Panama

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 This series of questions just came in on the site - i will answer as best as I can. Roberto 

Hi Roberto,

I guess you consider Santa Clara the place to live in Panama. I have read
about every place but this area so I guess it may be the one place to live.
I was looking at the prices of some of the developments & they seem high for
Panama. From the look of your photos I gather you are in the country. 
I have a few more questions if you don't mind.

How much land do you have & Do you have close neighbors? 
Are the health insurance & hospitals as good as described.
Do you need Air Con & heating.
Once you own your home can you live comfortably on $2000 USD a month,
Really? I'm not talking canned beans but nice living with all the everyday
frills. Going out, internet, pool etc.

Look forward to hearing from you. Steve

My response:



1) Santa Clara is an hour and fifteen minutes west of Panama City on the Pacific side. 
We are 2.5 km from The Royal Decameron Beach Resort in Farallon, and 5 km from Playa Blanca Beach Resort, and 4 km from Breezes, part of Bijou Resorts. 
On a map we are 9 km from Rio Hato, about half-way between Penonomé and Coronado - the two main shopping areas of the district.
This area is referred to as the Riviera of Panama; it is widely considered the best beach in all of Panama. The population of the town is 80 people.
Yes it is expensive ($60 - $200 a meter).
2) I have 2,000 square meters (one half an acre) 300 meters from the ocean (you can hear it, but you cannot see it)
3) My closest neighbor right now is a Baptist Camp - (great most of the year - loud during religious holidays). However I have it on good authority that the
property next door just sold and they will be building a small development - hopefully no towers, but you never know.
4) Yes you need air con down here - not in the mountains - but who moves to the tropics to be cold? We are in the dry arch - we get more sunshine than any
other area of Panama - something to think about.
5) Yes - my brother makes less than that, and he lives well. He is buying  a house with a pool, he will have a maid, and he goes out to dinner 1 - 2  times a week- $2,000 is very doable, especially if rent/mortgage is already paid for. (what's wrong with canned beans by the way? LOL)
6) I am still researching medical insurance. So far I have three quotes range from: A) no coverage for a diabetic that injects, to B) $800/mo for one company to C) $5,000 a year with a $5,000 deductible on another - I will let you know when I find out more.
Yes, medical care is great. Doctors are US trained, English speaking and so far, fairly inexpensive, but I have not had any major medical procedures done yet - I hear it is becoming a real medical tourism destination. Roberto
Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 July 2010 17:20  
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