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Driving in Panama

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 A question about driving in Panama. Roberto


Roberto, Is the drive from Panama City out to Santa Clara (the interior) an easy drive?  I hear so much about Panama drivers.  Thanks, Gretchen

Driving in The City can be a little hairy - Panama City drivers are the worst. There are very few street signs. Panamanian drivers do not signal, they do not look


sideways or obey any lane or traffic signals.

You must be assertive when driving (push your way into an intersection or force someone to let you in a lane) or you will never get anywhere.

I suggest having a drink or two before you set out - most of them have! LOL 

Driving anywhere outside of Panama City is fairly straightforward. It is single four lane highway called the Interamericana or autopista (in excellent shape) all

the way to Costa Rica, so - you can't get lost. 


Remember, it is illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving, and do not drive non-stop in the left lane - (technically you use the left lane to pass) and obey
speed signs - cops do have radar and they will pull you over. If you don't want to deal with a ticket, place a $5 or $10 bill in your passport. If that does not work,
try a $20 - never more than that.
NOTE: you must carry your passport with you at all time sin Panama, or you can be fined. You can use your own driver's license in Panama for 90 days, then you must get a Panamanian license. Roberto


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