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Tons of questions about moving to Panama

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 HI Roberto,

SUCCESS...we have title to our condo in Neuve Gorgona. Yasser Arosemena has done a totally Stand Up job for us....has gone out of his way to be  helpful. Thank You very much for your referral.
We are waiting for a complete insurance quote including contents as our new condo is beautifully furnished.
We are SO Looking forward to returning to Panama as home owners. We will come right after Xmas.
Do you have the Pensionado Visa and if so do you find that it benefits you?
Is there a social network of English speaking expats?
We were wondering if the two new Malls that were under construction in Coronado are completed?and what kind of services and shopping they provide?
 We are also wondering what  medical and dental services are available in the Coronado area? Something as simple as getting our hair cut...are the services readily available or is the short trip to Panama City always the answer?
We are also wondering what is important to bring with us. I was thinking we would need to bring reading materials and English cookbooks. Are meds like Tylenol Arthritis readily available?
 We feel that living in Panama for many months each year that we want to learn Spanish to enhance the full experience of Panama. Do you know of classes that we could take?
Sorry about all the questions...Panama and returning are on the top of our minds constantly. We are so looking forward to getting together with you and your wife soon after we arrive.
Jo Ann and Al


1) The Pensionado visa discounts really help in utilities, medical visits and prescriptions, as well as some restaurants, although I often forget to pull it out and some don't accept it. They are required to by law, but some don't - and some are so inexpensive I would be embarrassed to ask for a further discount. When paying $2.25 for lunch, you don't need a discount.
2) The Super 99 Mall is open, the grocery store and three or four other stores are full steam, others still painting/decorating. The Coronado Village mall is almost done - any week now. There is another mall starting on the same side of the highway as the Rey Supermarket Mall - construction underway now. This is the hotbed of shopping for the entire area. Over 100 stores in total when they are all done - banks, grocery stores, batteries, hair salon, real estate, a surf shop, restaurants, gourmet foods, furniture, dental clinic, medical clinic, per store - you name it - it is there.
3) The San Fernando Clinic is new and great medical facility - it also has a dental clinic. A new dental clinic is opening in the new 99 Mall. Rey already has one hair salon, there is an old fashioned barber across the street and a new beauty salon coming in the new Village Mall, so no need to go to The City. 
4) You can get almost everything you need in Panama - bring things you can't get - like President's Choice 4 peppercorn spice, Montreal Steak PASTE, artwork you cherish, cookbooks are a good idea - there are English bookstores in Panama - and a book-swap in Coronado ($1 a book if you are not trading any in)
5) There are any number of expat groups and places to meet - there are over 25,000 Americans and more than that number of Canadians living in Panama - over 100,000 English-speakers, according to the recent census. Learn Spanish - buy the Rosetta Stone - and make some new friends too.There is an International School in Gorgona run by Kathie Kress - and other classes/teachers around as well - you will have no difficulty finding them.
We are looking forward to welcoming you to Panama!
Hope this helps. Roberto 
Editor's note: The Yasser they refer to is my lawyer - Yasser (Alexis) Williams Arosemena (


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