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Panama traffic can be scary

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    This came in from a member from New Orlean's, now visiting Panama. Roberto


Hello Rob,  We made it in to the city.  We will probably do some exploring of the city today.  I don't know exactly how to get out to your area.  I am chicken about renting a car after watching the driving here!  I know it will be fine once we get out the city but we were in a jam yesterday where cars where fighting to squeeze through one spot, inches apart.  I was thinking about a bus but I guess we would need a car to drive around the beach area. Is it possible to take a bus there and then rent a car to drive around?   Are we may just get our taxi driver, Chewy, to take us out there.  We have your Joe's stuff and some spice from our local Acadiana area for you.  Thanks, Roberto!

     Don't be chicken! There is only one road - a four-lane paved highway - all the way to Costa Rica - we are one hour fifteen minutes drive (113 km).


      Yes, you can take a bus and then rent a car - The Royal Decameron or Breezes both have car rental spots next to them. It is easy driving once you are out

of  the city. 


     We are still in Canada - attending the Toronto International Film Festival - back the end of September. How long are you in Panama?
     You brought me Joe's Stuff? THAT IS SO AWESOME! Thnaks. If you need to, you can leave the Joe's Stuff with Chef /Owner Rolando at Xoko Restaurant
on the highway at the Santa Clara turnoff - eat there - the food is amazing - tell them you know us! Have the papas bravas (potato dish) and the Xoko ensalada
 a grilled vegetable salad - really great..
Go to Woody's in Farallon, just down the beach from The Decameron - say Hi to Monique and Woody - and Lopez the bartender - and Stacy the manager 
tell them hi from the Great White North. (It is FREEZING cold here)

     Hope you will still  be there when we get there. Roberto


 TRIVIA QUIZ: Where did the name "DIXIELAND" cone from? Answers next week.



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