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Medical Insurance in Panama

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Dear Roberto:

My husband and I  visited Panama last May for a month and we loved it so much that we will be making a retirement  trial run in a few weeks, my main concern is health insurance.  I'm 65 and Medicare does not cover outside the US, I have been to a few Travel Insurance sites but the max coverage is 72 days and we will be there for 5 months.
We would like a policy that covers catastrophic incidents and medical evacuation if needed, any advice will be greatly appreciated.



Dear Dalila,

The Director of ATP (Tourism) made an announcement two months ago about the new tourism medical insurance which covers visitors for 6 months for up to $20,000 and costs only $2.00. It is supposedly available now.

I have been unable to  find out where one buys this insurance. My wife and I just returned from Canada a week ago and there was no signs at the airport of where to purchase this new insurance.

I am meeting with Sr. Soloman Shamah, the Director of Tourism and the First Lady on Wednesday. I will ask them the status and how and where you can get this insurance.

My in-laws are moving to Panama full time November 1st. The first thing they will be researching is medical insurance, and I will report all of their findings here online.

The research I did for my brother and I (both diabetics) showed very expensive (for Canadians anyway) insurance ($5,000 deductible with $6,000 cost per year).

I have been told there is an excellent company that offers full coverage for $90 a month per person. I have not had an opportunity to confirm this. 

This is an important issue for all of us and I will be investigating it fully for you and will report back. Thanks for the inquiry. Roberto

Last Updated on Sunday, 24 October 2010 13:03  
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