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Parasailing (and Pizza) in Panama

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Flyin’ high in Farallon
By Roberto Chocolaté

As the Billy Joel song says; “Captain Jack will get you high tonight.” In our case, it’s Captain Jim, who runs the parasailing jet boat at Panama Water Sport Adventures located at The Royal Decameron Resort in Farallon. Captain Jim will indeed get you high, and does so for dozens of thrilled folks everyday who come to soar high above the white-sand beaches of Farallon.

I sign my life away promising not to to hold the company harmless in the event that I become maimed, dismembered or spindled in any way. I advise the skipper that I have no intention of holding anyone – harmless or not. We don our lifejackets from the rack, and I inspect the cornucopia of water-sports on offer – windsurfing, Jet Skiing, rubber banana boating, kayaking, rubber inner tubing, knee boarding, wake boarding, paddle boating - a near endless array of things to get you if not wet, at least out there and having fun on the water.

We step into a beached fiberglass panga and ride out to the anchored jet boat. On the way out, we pass ‘La Gorota’; a sailing vessel that Captain Dennis, owner of PWSA, insists it is 73 feet. Captain Jim estimates it is around 60 feet. As a former charter boat operator, I know where the discrepancy lies; there is a large bowsprit with netting extending beyond the bow of the vessel – marinas charge for this length, as it must be accommodated in a slip, yet it does not increase the waterline length. Different perspectives. No matter the length, this beautiful double-mast sailing vessel is used as a snorkeling/party-barge and in season (March – August) for whale watching.  Today it is filled with 15 bikini-clad Finnish flight attendants. Suddenly a day of sailing appeals to me much more than parasailing, but it's too late to switch horses in mid-stream, so to speak. I wave as they sail off. They wave back, and chugging rum punch and singing what I assumed to be Finish sailing or drinking songs, we go our separate ways.

After a safety check, the jet boat is ready and it is flight time. Since I suffer from vertigo, I elect to stay firmly on the deck and take photographs. My two traveling companions bravely climb into their harnesses and wave the ‘go’ signal. The boat edge ahead as a beautiful 32’ parachute fills out, a striking Panamanian-flag inspired design by Captain Jim. The chute expands out of its cover as my comrades are lifted effortlessly up into the brilliant blue sky. Squeals of excitement change to laughter as Captain Jim slows the boat, dipping the them into the water for a refreshing splash then raising them up, up and away again. It is a fifteen minute ride that seems to last much longer. Safely back on the deck they both declare their inaugural flight a ball, and claim that they’ll be back tomorrow, with friends.

We return our life jackets to the rack, and I head on my merry way to meet up with Woody and friends at Woody’s Beach Bar and Grill just up the beach. This lot has just returned from Captain Dennis’s famous five-hour fishing trip. Over cocktails I hear all about the ones that got away and more impressively the one's that didn't, including three large snapper ready for the grill. It is clear they also had all the liquid refreshments they could handle. They invite me to join them for their fish fry – the perfect end to a perfect beach/action day at Farallon, and a more than acceptable consolation prize for the Finnish  ship that got away. It’s a very good thing that it did get away, as I would have had a very difficult time explaining to my wife how my parasailing trip with Jim ended up as a drinking game with fifteen blondes. They say that God takes care of drunks, fools and sailors. I ponder which one I am.

For more information on all of the water sports, and for reservation, prices and parking directions, call: 993- 2255 or 993- 2327 or E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Coming Soon.... Captain Jim is opening a Pizza Parlor inside Woody's 11 located at Playa Blanca - open to the public!

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