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Flu death toll rises to 27 Over 1,700 infected

 FOUR MORE deaths attributed by health authorities to the H1N1 influenza virus, bringing the number of fatalities in Panama to 27.


Swine flu epidemic claims 22 lives so far

 THE NUMBER of deaths from  H1N1 influenza has jumped to 22,  and 671 people are affected with severe respiratory symptoms said the Ministry of Health (MoH) on Wednesday June 15.

Two days earlier the government reported that 18 people had died.


Should I rethink my travel plans to avoid the flu?

 Here is an excellent article from WEB MD - Note - an article is not the same as getting a doctor's advice - this is for informational purposes only - if you have any symptoms or concerns, consult your doctor.


Report from Diane Maxwell


In the case involving Diane Maxwell, the San Carlos court judge reviewed the evidence presented at trial from both sides and found Canadians Rose Bourgeois and Peter Vermeltfoort guilty of Criminal Fraud and sentenced each of them to 32 months in prison.


No kissing or shaking hands

 13 are now dead from H1N1 flu - to protect your self, the Panamanian Helath Services (MoH) advises the following:

– Avoid unnecessary contact, such as kissing and greeting handshakes.


Death toll from Flu rises to 23

 0n Friday June 17, the number  of deaths from the A (H1N1) flu virus rose to 23 plus 30 patients remain in intensive care.

To date 824 people have been hospitalized of whom 375 have been released.


Are our ambulances secure?

The thought of being a victim in an ambulance and being robbed is very scary. Further investigation may show a connection with either the driver, the dispatcher or the attendant - it seems unlikely that bandits waited on the side of the highway for an ambulance to randomly drive by so they could rob it - most crimes in Panama have an inside connection.



 In the Rose and Peter criminal trials - the extortion cases were reported incorrectly - it is the Ernest and Arlene Nash criminal fraud case that is going to trial. The extortion case with Diane Maxwell is being investigated in La Chorrea. We apologize for any misconceptions this may have caused.


What to do on Canada Day

 The Social Scene with Margot Thomas

CANADIANS, Panamanians and friends from multiple countries will mark Canada Day (Fete du Canada) Friday July 1, at an evening celebration organized by the CanadaPLUS Foundation at The Miramar Intercontinental Hotel.


They Did It - Panama Canal expansion opens June 26th

 See the video:


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