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Wise sayings worth repeating

* Men look at women's behinds and say "Wow - what an ass".
Women look at men's faces and say the same thing.

* A woman's favourite position is CEO.

* "May all of your dramas be fictional"

* Maasai Warrior toast "May the skin of your bum, never cover a drum"


Do you feel safe in Panama?

 Here is one reader's thoughts:

I work in Alberta and live in Coronado. l am often asked about crime in Panama.


Executive staff hard to find

 Headhunting in Panama
The difficulties faced by companies in hiring high-profile executives are driving growth in the recruitment market in the country.


Terrorist attacks in Canada

 Key facts about the shootings at the National War Memorial and on Parliament Hill:
- Shots were first reported at the National War Memorial Wednesday morning, around 10 a.m. A soldier, who was standing guard at the memorial Wednesday morning, has died.


Cheaper medicines on their way to Panama?

 Peruvian Pharmaceutical Company to Operate in Panama
The ESKE Group has announced te opening of a distribution hub in Panama City to redistribute its generic lines imported from India and Europe and those manufactured in Peru.


Is Crime in Panama worse than North America?

 In some ways Panama is like a small town - and we North Americans stick out as a visible minority - so of course we are going to hear about every little incident.
My incident recently was a guy on my patio with a flashlight - how often would you hear that news in Syracuse? If they did report it - you wouldn’t pay attention to it or think twice.


Get rid of mosquito breeding sites

 To protect yourself and your family, walk around your property and look for stagnant water. Mosquitos are responsible for 9 deaths in Panama so far 4,729 cases of dengue have been recorded this year. Panama is on track to pass last year’s total of 4,781 says the Ministry of Health (MoH).


Delays in digital TV for the interior

 Panama: Start of Digital TV in Interior Postponed
An extension until to March 2015 has been made for the deadline for broadcast TV licensees begin operations in digital format in the provinces of Cocle, Herreras, Los Santos and Veraguas.


The reality of solar panels in the tropics

 Solar Energy Homes: Reality or Pipe Dream?
The intense media attention unleashed by solar panel producers should not take away from analysis of the real possibilities that are currently offered by this technology for homes.


Housing prices in Panama expected to rise

 Projected Rise in House Prices In Panama 
Entrepreneurs are anticipating increases of between 6% and 12% in home prices in the coming months.

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